Hellys International Guitar Festival came into being during the winter of 2016. We wanted to produce an annual event that would be sustainable, of an international standard, and that would attract performers from across the globe. It was also important to us that such an event would be affordable for everyone, and that young and local artists would be able to appear on the same bill as leading concert artists.

In our first three years, Hellys has produced innumerable world-class performances, dozens of free lessons, talks, poetry, workshops and... made lots of people very happy. We simply cannot wait for Season 4!

The 2019 team was:

Festival Director: Ben Salfield

Assistant Director: Tim Grattan-Kane

Artistic Director: Tina Varcoe

Head of Design & Photography: Alice Nightingale

Videographer: Philbrooks

Sound Technician: John Martin

We are planning 2020 already! If you would like to be involved as a sponsor, donor or volunteer, or would like to get in touch with us for any other reason, please use the contact form below.

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Hellys 2019 was a KC Artists Production.

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