Date: Thu 18 Aug

Time: 14:00


Name: Scenic Route

From: UK

Style: Singer-songwriters and guitarists


Jenna Bailey and Steve Harris met in 2015. With a shared love of melodic ballads and a talent for writing heartfelt, emotive songs, they formed Scenic Route


Since the release of their first album, “All This Time”, the duo has gained a reputation both for their own original music and the delicacy of their covers.


Jenna's emotive and haunting vocal style is drawn from the artists which inspired her own creative writing and musical journey. She formerly worked in London for Classic Album Sundays, staging music events for big industry names and gaining experience in the music profession.


Steve is the former lead guitarist in the band Tunk. He fell in love with the guitar at age 10, when he discovered Jimi Hendrix's Blues album. He went on to master many different styles, from finger-picking to flamenco. He is known for his skillful and sensitive acoustic, electric and slide guitar skills.


Both Jenna and Steve teach at Cornwall Music Trust, apart from which they perform in duo on a regular basis across the South West.