Date: Fri 14 Aug

Time: 18:00

Length: Approx 70 mins

Tickets: £10 (U18s FREE) - click on the ticket icon

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Name: Samir Belkecemi

From: Mexico

Style: Contemporary Flamenco Jazz Fusion


Internationally recognised concert artist Samir Belkacemi has appeared in concert around the world, from North and Central America to the Far East. He graduated from the UNAM National College of Music, having studied flamenco with Rubén Díaz, a disciple of the great Paco de Lucia.


Belkacemi offers a programme of original compositions that meld together influences from flamenco, jazz, blues, rock, electronic, Hindi & Arab music, to create an eclectic and fresh fusion style. His music is characterised by strong and innovative tones and rhythms, and he creates a new and unique language that balances musical consonance and dissonance.


Samir Belkacemi has around 80 compositions, at the centre of which is the opera prima, "Universe", inspired by the syntara and classical music of Northern India. He uses up to 50 alternative tunings to great effect, creating an alternative harmonic reality. Tonight, he performs his acclaimed show, "Music from the Spheres of the Universe", which comprises some of Belkacemi's best-known works.