Date: Sat 20 Aug

Time: 14:00


Name: Przemek “Prez” Hotlaś

From: Poland

Style: Fingerstyle acoustic guitar


Przemek “Prez” Hotlaś is a Polish-born fingerstyle guitarist originally from Kamienna Góra, near Wrocław. He became interested in music at 14, when he began playing acoustic guitar. A year later, he began to study fingerstyle music.


Upon moving to the, UK, Prez studied first at South Devon College, where his first EP, “Deosil”, was created. Since then his experimentation with sounds has developed, culminating in the recent EP “Looking Back For Hope”, in which he collaborated with the Spanish electric guitarist Oscar Dominguez Vazquez. Later, he studied contemporary music techniques at Falmouth University, taking a special interest in minimalism and sound experimentation. At the same time, he began working with Cornwall Music Service Trust and branched out into teaching children.


In 2019 Prez launched himself as an active performer, and appeared at a variety of venues and festivals across the UK, including Calstock Arts, Falmouth Poly, Cornwall Folk Festival and Stonehenge Solstice Festival.

Influenced stylistically by such names as Ewan Dobson, Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour, Prez has spent 2022 expanding his performances and composing music.