Date: Sun 16 Aug

Time: 13:00

Length: Approx 50 mins

Tickets: FREE to Afternoon, Day & Festival Pass holders

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Name: Nico G

From: Belgium

Style: Acoustic Guitar


Glasgow-based Belgian guitarist Nico G is inspired by a whole range of genres of music, and draws on the musical styles he loves most, bringing his own original twist to established favourites.

The Blues, which have always fascinated him, go hand-in-hand with rock, pop and folk music. His original compositions and innovative arrangements will surprise listeners with their interwoven, overlying melodies, made possible by the combination of finger picking and flat picking techniques.

A classically trained acoustic guitar player for over 15 years, in 2016 Nico G chose to embark on a new challenge and began his current solo project, creating and sharing his unique playing style with audiences worldwide.


Since this time he has performed across the UK, as well as in Austria, Belgium, Canada and Germany, releasing his first solo EP, 'Acoustic Guitar' in 2016, and follow-up EP 'The Road Book', in 2018.