Date: Sun 16 Aug

Time: 19:45

Length: Approx 70 mins

Tickets: £10 (U18s FREE) - click on the ticket icon

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Name: Jule Malischke

From: Germany

Style: Crossover Guitar: classical, fingerstyle and songs


Jule Malischke is the young up-and-coming German guitarist who exploded onto the European guitar scene in 2017. Having studied guitar at several renowned music universities and achieved her Masters Degree, she is now herself a teacher of guitar at the University of Dresden.


Malischke produces unique shows in which she crosses the boundaries between classical and popular music. Her charismatic stage presence, extraordinary voice, and stylish, top-class guitar playing immediately captivate her audiences, and she has received the highest critical praise for her performances.


Already well-known across Europe, with concerts at many renowned guitar festivals, she has supported such names as Barclay James Harvest and Christina Stürmer, as well as appearing on radio and television.


Tonight, Jule Malischke performs her popular set of “Crossover Guitar”, featuring classical music, fingerstyle and songs. We simply cannot wait!