Date: Fri 14 Aug

Time: 15:00

Length: Approx 50 mins

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Names: Ben Salfield, Jon Salfield, Simon Stanton & Rowan Nightingale

From: UK

Style: Flamenco | Latin Jazz | Acoustic Rock


The Horsemen of the Apocalypse is an internationally acclaimed, high-octane quartet known for its hypnotic, heady fusion of instrumental music. In the 1990s, brothers Ben and Jon Salfield toured as a technical guitar/lute duo, “Ramas de la 'Ud”. After a hiatus, they reformed for an improvised concert at Plymouth City Museum, where a reviewer described them as “a revelation” - and the idea of the name “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” was born.


Sell-out concerts across Europe followed, including two tours in Germany and one in Poland, with an appearance at Zory Festival. Filmed by BBC World, it was seen by an estimated 12 million people worldwide. Their infamous performance at a Heavy Metal venue in Warsaw is still talked about in some quarters today!


In 2009, world percussionist Simon Stanton appeared with the group for the first time. In the audience that day was a 10-year old Rowan Nightingale, who made his debut on bass 7 years later! The final horseman's arrival brought a new, edgier dimension to the ensemble... and the band was ready to go on tour again.


In 2017, they released “Revelation”, the first disc to be released on the KC Artists label. Since then, they have performed to nearly 14k people at Home Park football stadium, Plymouth, and toured in the UK, Germany and Hungary. In 2018, Shirt & Tie productions released a documentary film about the band, 'March on Nordhorn'.