At 14:00 each day, enjoy talented local acts, on stage outside as yet another part of our daytime entertainment to anyone who holds an Afternoon, Day or Festival Pass.



This emerging singer-songwriter from Cornwall has years of musical history under his belt, despite being only 22 years old.


He has already reached a high standard as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and has played in (and written songs for) successful bands and toured the UK as a professional musician.

After releasing his debut album ‘Estate Cars and Holiday Parks’ in April 2019 and two subsequent singles, he is now bringing his music to a growing audience across the country. William Grant’s music is reminiscent of the golden age of Americana and Folk-Rock of the 1960s and 70s, but retains its own identity. Contemporary and refreshing, it is firmly rooted in the folk tradition of the British isles with sonic elements borrowed from nostalgic Americana, rock and pop.





Ashley Harding is a singer/guitarist based in Cornwall. Born in Cardiff, his eyes and ears were opened to the City’s multicultural sights and sounds from a young age. 


After 15 years of playing, and performing an array or genres and styles in bars and clubs all over the world, Ashley is back in Cornwall performing Country music ahead of the release of his new album.